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Our Benevolent Ministries

Orphans & Widows Home

There are many orphans and old widows in the tribal village congregations which the Church of Christ Mission serves. Most of these orphans and widows do not have relatives who are willing or financially able to help them with their daily needs. These orphans and widows are homeless and starving and are very dependent on us to provide the basic necessities of life for them, as they are helpless and without means to provide for themselves. We provide shelter, clothing, food, medical care and spiritual encouragement and gospel teaching to these orphans and widows in our congregations. We, and other members of our congregations, open our homes and our hearts to these unfortunate ones in our area. Right now we are taking care of 3 orphan kids and 2 old widows at our home. 

Helping Bicycles to the preachers and Tricycles to the Physically handicapped preachers

We have many needy preachers in the congregations we serve who have no means of transportation to and from places of worship and house visiting prayer meetings within and between villages. They walk for miles to proclaim the Gospel in nearer villages, as they are poor and unable to afford traveling expenses such as bus fares or rickshaw (taxi) fees. We have provided bicycles to needy preachers to help them move about more easily within and between villages in our area. These bicycles have been a great help to these preachers, allowing them to more easily and quickly travel to their church buildings to preach in their congregations, to meet with village families for house visiting prayers and to reach closer villages to proclaim the Gospel.

One elderly preacher in one of the congregations suffered from diabetes and, as a result of this condition, had to have one of his legs amputated. However, he had a strong desire to continue preaching the Word of God to people in the village, despite having only one leg. To get to and from the church building and to visit families for house visiting prayers and thanksgiving prayer meetings, this old physically handicapped preacher had to crawl using his one remaining leg and his arms. We obtained crutches for this old preacher to help him get around more easily. However, he was unable to use the crutches effectively due to problems he had balancing himself upright. Although he tried very much to use the crutches, he was often falling down and sustaining injuries from his attempts. We then provided this old preacher with a custom-made hand tricycle to help him get from one place to another more easily. The hand tricycle has the pedal mechanism on top so the preacher can pedal with his hands and arms in order to move from one place to another. This old preacher was extremely happy to be gifted with this means of transportation and learned to use the hand tricycle very quickly. He now moves about the village so much more easily and quickly and has no trouble getting to the church building for worship services nor to the house visiting prayers and thanksgiving prayer meetings with families in the village. This very needful tricycle permitted this old preacher to continue preaching the Gospel despite his physical handicap, something he very much wanted to do. He thanked God and us for gifting him with this very special tricycle which has solved many problems for him and has improved his way of life tremendously. We have several preachers who do not have access to bicycles for help with their transportation needs, who still have to walk for miles to conduct their gospel work. If you would like to help provide bicycles for these needy preachers, please feel free to contact me.


Helping Old Bedridden Preachers 

We have several old, sick preachers in our congregations, some of whom are bed-ridden with their afflictions. These old preachers have very little income, but have many needs for themselves and their families. We give these preachers money each month to help with their daily needs and the needs of their family members. The preachers use the money we give them to provide food for their families, to obtain the medications necessary to treat their illnesses and afflictions, and for travel expenses to and from doctor visits. These old preachers look forward to our visits each month and the help we provide. They are thankful to God and to us for helping them provide for the daily needs of their families. If you would like to help us provide for the daily needs and medication for these sick, elderly preachers, please feel free to contact me.



My mom Santha and wife Pravallika have been helping Widows and single mothers in our tribal congregations with their daily food and medicine and also encouraging them with the word of God.They often get together to conduct Bible studies with the women in our tribal congregations. Kindly pray for them and join your hands of compassion to support the Widows and women ministry

Caring Leprosy and Sick Church families 

e We have Orphan kids in our tribal congregations.We have been providing their daily food to keep them away from starving. Kindly pray for these orphan kids and show the Love of Christ to them by sponsoring to these little orphan kids in our tribal congregations.

Feeding Orphans,Widows & Starving in our congregations

Most of the people and families living in the tribal villages where we have established congregations are very poor and live in poverty. They are unable to provide for even their basic daily needs, as they have little to no regular source of income. We provide rice and oil to these families as often as we can to help keep them from starving. Many of the starving are widows and orphans who are especially helpless and susceptible to malnutrition and disease due to lack of daily food. These members of our congregations depend greatly on our provisions of rice and oil to them. We also provide blankets to the poor members of our congregations during the winter season to help keep them warm during the cold nights here. They always give thanks to God and to us for providing them food to keep them away from starvation and blankets to help keep them warm. If you would like to help us provide food and blankets for the needy members of our congregations, please feel free to contact me.

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