Church of Christ India Mission Work

"The Churches of Christ salute you" Romans 16:16.

Balasundara Rao

Gospel Preacher

Bro Bala,(Sunil's dad)  has been a gospel preacher for the past 35 years. He preached in different congregations and villages part-time while working for the Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (SPDCL) in Andhra Pradesh for many years. During this time, he used much of his income for his work for the Lord. Upon his retirement, he committed himself full-time to gospel work. He purchased a small building in Gonepudi Village with his retirement funds and started a new congregation there. He is very much involved in preacher training, encouraging the congregations which we serve, doing house-visiting prayers, and other needful gospel activities of our mission work. My mother, Santha Suhasini, is a teacher by profession. She taught social studies to students from 5th grade to 10th grade for 20 years in a Government Aided school without receiving any pay. She no longer works outside the home but is now devoting her time to our mission work. She regularly teaches the women’s bible study class for the women in our congregations. She cooks meals for the preachers who attend the preacher training and Bible study sessions at our home. My mother also operates the Santha Elizabeth Sewing Machine Training Center, established to help the poor women and widows in our congregations learn to use a sewing machine in order to provide clothing and extra income for their families.They often take orphan children into our home and provide shelter, food, clothing, medical needs, and instruction in the Word of God to them. Currently, we have three orphan boys living in our home with us. My mother Sister Santha, also teaches academic skills and spiritual Bible lessons to the orphan children.

They have been married for 35 years.They are  blessed with three sons, Raju;( myself) Sunil; and Kiran. All three sons are members of the church and are very actively involved in gospel ministry mission work. Raju is married to a Christian lady and has been blessed with a son and a daughter.  Sunil, was married to Pravallika, a member of the church and blessed with baby girl. Pravallika assists sunil in the gospel work that they do and helps works together with Sis santha(sunil's mom)  in the ladies Bible study sessions


Gospel Preacher.

 Sunil, have been working for the Lord alongside his father, Balasundarao, for the past 15 years. Together, his father and he are actively involved in encouraging and supporting the congregations they serve, training additional preachers, providing financial assistance to preachers, providing members of the needy congregations with food, blankets, and clothing, reaching out to tribal village members living inside the deep, dense forest area, and providing food and medicine to church members afflicted with leprosy who have been rejected by society due to their disease.He have been working as a translator to American missionaries who visits their home.
He is actively involved in many gospel activities for the glory of our Lord. He help provide for the needs orphans, widows, those afflicted with leprosy, old bed-ridden preachers, and going into the forest areas to reach out and preach and teach the gospel to the tribes living inside the forest and establishing congregations in these remote areas. He also involved in our borewell ministry which helps drill bore wells in our needy congregations whose members do not have access to clean drinking water and many other benevolent works of our minstry. Over the years, , the Church of Christ India Mission Work, have helped establish and have been serving 15 congregations in our area. Some of the co-preachers that they help, have been preaching in these congregations. His father and he visit with these congregations regularly, encourage them and help them with their many physical and spiritual needs. Please visit the other pages on our website to learn in greater detail about the many gospel works that their ministry provides in the service and for the glory of our Lord

He received a Master of Technology Degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from the most prestigious Indian Institute, IIT Kharagpur, by God’s Grace. After completing his Master’s Degree, he worked for three software companies as a software engineer.He also worked as a member of the teaching faculty, teaching mathematics in Training Institutes for 11th and 12th grade students. He was not happy doing this work, as these jobs were taking much of my time and he had very little time left to do the Lord’s work, which is really what he most wanted to do. Therefore, he left this secular work completely and devoted himself to doing full-time gospel work for our mission.
Sunil is Married to a wonderful Christian lady named Pravallika and blessed with baby girl named Elizabeth.She helps alot in teaching and sharing the word of God to the ladies in Ladies Bible studies along with his mom. Pravallika assists him in the gospel work that he do and helps his mother in the ladies Bible study sessions.