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Church of Christ India Disaster Relief 

Corona Virus Disaster Relief & Floods Disaster Relief 


As you are all aware, the Corona Virus pandemic has been rapidly spreading and causing much havoc and chaos throughout the world. Many people have been affected and are suffering increased sickness and death as a result of this invasive novel virus. India, as well as other countries around the world, is currently experiencing increased numbers of positive cases and incidences of transmission of the Corona Virus. Our government has instituted forced curfews and lock downs and many of our citizens, especially our poor and destitute, are suffering very much at this time. Because of the travel bans, lockdowns, closure of businesses and limited food supplies, our tribal congregations in the very remote areas outside of villages and those tribal congregations inside the forest are experiencing severe food shortage, and many are in danger of starving. We have been able to reach some of our tribal congregations and help them with food stuff to last a few days. Our tribal congregations in remote areas and inside the forest are severely in need of additional food stuff for the next few weeks. Prayerfully, we are requesting that you kindly join your hands of compassion to support for food for our tribal congregations and those who are suffering without food in the midst of this corona virus outbreak.

We will be taking risk and visiting our tribal congregations and assisting them in all the possible ways as soon as the travel ban is lifted. Please consider supporting for this critical need of the poor and destitute in our area. Kindly do not hesitate to contact me if you would need any additional information. 


We have been experiencing heaving rains in our state of Andhra Pradesh over the past few months. These rains have been persistent and have caused flooding in several of the remote tribal villages in the area. The Church of Christ India Mission Work has been reaching out to flood victims in these villages over here to provide assistance. We have been working in some of these tribal congregations in very remote and forest areas to assistance them with relief by providing food stuff and other needy things such as blankets, mosquito nets, etc., when they are hit by the floods due to heavy rains here. While our efforts have been very helpful to these tribal congregations, there are many more that need assistance due to the flooding and shortage of food and essential supplies.

We would request that you prayerfully, please kindly join your hands of compassion to support disaster relief for the flood victims in our area for the glory of our Lord. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you so much in advance for your interest and kind support to our Lords mission work in our efforts to help the poor, destitute and disadvantaged during these times of disaster and crisis. 

You may kindly send donations through the PayPal donation box on our website homepage. Thank you so much for your kind support in advance. May God bless you for your compassion, prayers and support.